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2017-18 Committee Members
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THE TOWY BOAT CLUB COMMITTEE 2017 - 2018 President - John Peake One of the Founding Members of the Club; John was Chairman from 1978 to 1990 and is as interested now as always in all Club activities and in any developments affecting the future of the Club. Over the years John has specialised in sourcing countless Grant monies for various projects from a variety of sources, the total of which by now must easily run into six figures. Without John the Club would be a much poorer place. Chairman - Antonius Van Hout (Toon) Club Chairman for the past 2 years and an extremely active club member with a drive that keeps the Club moving forward. He also was the Architect and main builder of Club Jetty and is an avid fisherman who unfortunately rarely finds enough time to indulge his passion!! Vice Chairman - Phil Edwards Phil is another founder member of the Club. His father Terry was the first Treasurer and Phil has graduated through fishing boats to larger sailing craft.  He has cruised extensively both here and abroad and has flown the Club pennant proudly in France, Brittany and Ireland on past cruises. Secretary - Ian Rogers Ian has been a member for a few years but is new to the post of Secretary and will be finding his feet for the first few months, as well as finding his feet with his pride and joy - his newly purchased Westerly Centaur. Treasurer - Vacant As yet the post is unfilled and Toon is manfully coping with the extra job at the present time. Could this be you? Membership Secretary - Malcolm Davies Malcolm has had the thankless task of Membership Secretary for many years taking on the huge task of keeping tabs on all memberships and associated monies. If you have any queries about membership or fees - he's the man to see. Malcolm is a very keen enthusiast of the older craft, so rare these days, and is the proud owner of a steam-powered craft which occasionally makes an appearance at the Club. Principal Training Instructor - Bob Allen Bob was the longest serving Treasurer in the Club's history from 19?? to 20?? He is also the Principal Instructor of the RYA Training Establishment here and will advise on all matters pertaining to RYA courses. He is a keen sailor of dinghies and cruisers, and has also been instrumental in the development of rowing within the Club. Powerboat Secretary - Nigel Nigel joined the Club in 2016 together with many others who are affectionately known as coming from the Dark Side (Ferryside!!!) This is Nigel's first post as a Club Officer and hopefully the first of many!! He is another avid fisherman and together with his compatriots from over the water is extremely active in Club projects and social activities both on and off the water. Cruising Secretary - Tony Heath Tony is another founding member of the Club and is an avid sailor. As Cruising Secretary Tony tries every year to arrange some kind of cruising schedule to try and encourage other members to venture over the Bar to Tenby and further afield - not an easy task given the inclement Welsh weather and relative inexperience of many of the sailing fraternity! House Manager - Alison Heath Alison, Tony's daughter-in-law, faces the unenviable job of trying to keep the Clubhouse together encompassing cleaning and restocking the larder and toilets etc. This is another thankless task which has to be done, so if you feel you can help in any way please contact her. Alison also does a huge amount of safety work on hers and husband Daniel's RIB. Dinghy Secretary - Christopher Heath  The final member of the Heath family on the Committee is Chris who looks after the dinghy section arranging training courses, organising the racing schedule plus keeping an eye on the seaworthiness and safety of all our fleet and ancillary equipment. An RYA instructor and very keen dinghy sailor with experience in all types of craft Moorings Officer - Hamish Laughland Hamish has the unenviable task of managing the moorings and advising member's about their mooring. Remember - the mooring is your responsibility and since Hamish has years of experience laying moorings at the Club, heeding his advice is important as the safety of all boats on the seaworthiness of every single mooring. If you need advice on anything to do with moorings - see Hamish.  A keen sailor with an eye for unusual craft!!! Projects Officer - Vic Nurton Vic has taken on this job for the last 2 years and during that time many projects small and large have been completed. Vic is responsible for delegating the various jobs on the Monthly Workday and works closely with the Chairman in this regard. Vic is another keen fisherman who hopes to do more this year. Rowing Secretary - Owen Davies Owen is the youngest member of the Committee and it feels like he has practically grown up with Club. Following his mother Nic's passion for Rowing he has been instrumental (with his brother Jac) in making the Rowing Section of Tywi Boat Club the most dynamic and vibrant section of the Club. This Rowing Section has taken the well established Welsh Rowing scene by storm claiming trophy after trophy especially in the Junior events. This is in no small part due to Owen and his family's passion and commitment to the sport. Long may it continue!!! Social Secretary - Roger Newman This is Roger's first year as Social Secretary so it's a bit of a baptism of fire. If he is learning to be our Social Secretary he admits he's also learning about sailing and boats in general. We wish him luck with both!!!